Carli Salome


Carli is accomplished in sugaring, waxing, facials and chemical peels. Her work reflects the delicate balance between art and science and beauty and well being, focusing on comfort and satisfaction with every client. Her love of personal care started with her grandmother teaching her to care for her brows with the oldest form of hair removal: sugaring. A keen eye for detail and the passion for making people look and feel great has led to clients referring to Carli as the "refined waxer." Carli is an animal lover and strongly supports the ASPCA.

Devon Sconci


Devon has been inspired and intrigued by the beauty industry ever since she can remember, so naturally, she has made her passion a reality. She is dedicated to learning advanced techniques and keeping current with all the new trends in skin care. She is trained in advanced waxing procedures and facial massage techniques, and has extensive knowledge on skin care product lines. Devon loves playing with her four small dogs and being by the lake in the summertime.